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Please consider adding me to your team. I will be your second set of eyes--for your website, your book, your doctoral dissertation and master's thesis, your resume, your CV, your homework that's due at 4 p.m. tomorrow.

These days, it seems that we all have a website--and often, your website is the first thing a would-be client or customer sees. That means it's essential that its message be precise, that navigating it is fast and easy, and that its grammar and punctuation are perfect.

 I'm Jim Wagner, creator of Daddy Wags Editing. My goal is to bring clarity, brevity, and accuracy to your written words, in whatever form you present them. Choose me to assist you, and together we will make you, your team, and your business better.


To accomplish this, I draw on seven years of precisely this kind of work, helping writers make their writing "write." Before that, there were 36 years of newspaper experience of editing and reporting and writing: 28 years in a variety of positions at The Albuquerque Tribune and eight years as the editor of The Destin Log in Destin, FL. 

 As I edit your work, I refer to three books on my desk: the style books of the American Psychological Association and The Associated Press, along with a Webster's dictionary. 


My clients have included graduate and undergraduate students; a magazine publisher; career educators completing their doctoral dissertation; authors of fiction and nonfiction books; and university students from Mexico, Brazil, China, South Korea, Japan, Turkey,  India, Taiwan, Russia, Bosnia, and other nations.

My favorite clients have been international students, who are especially appreciative of having a born-and-raised American on their team and who have taught me so much about life and cultures in other lands!

Here are two quickie stories:

One of my clients, a woman from South Korea, returned home after earning her Ph.D. at the University of New Mexico. A few months later, she invited me to her wedding! I would love to have attended, but I had airline tickets to visit my daughter in North Carolina on the same weekend. My South Korean friend emailed photos of the joyous occasion!

Another client became an anesthesiologist after earning her degree at the University of New Mexico. A year or so later, my doctor told me it was time for my five-year colonoscopy, so I scheduled it. Lo and behold, the anesthesiologist for the procedure was the former UNM student. Upon realizing this, we both had a good laugh. A few weeks later, her husband contacted me to work with him on something he had written. Small world...

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