My rate is $25 per hour. That's what it was on Day 1, years ago. It  will never change.

The unknown is how long it will take me to complete your assignment.

But there's a way I can estimate how much you will spend: I will take your work for a "test drive."

Just send to me via email 10-15 pages. Be sure that what you send is a "word" document. I will work on it for 30 minutes, then I will return it to you asap. Then, doing simple math, I can estimate an approximate per-page rate. Then, you can multiply that figure by the number of pages to arrive at an estimate of a total cost.

The best writers I have worked with have spent less than $1 per page. The weakest, $4 per page. Most find themselves paying $1.25 to $2.50 per page. More editing translates to higher cost; less editing, lower cost. 

The test drive is free of charge, but if after reviewing my work, you ask me to continue, I will fold that 30 minutes into a bill that I will send later.

As I edit, I use the "track changes" function of Microsoft Word 2010. Sometimes, I am asked to edit on hard copy. Which I will do. Then I will use a pen, usually red or orange, to make editing notes.

After I finish, I send the edited document to you. Then, you pay me, either with cash, by check, or by PayPal.

I check my email several times a day, on most days.

I try hard to meet deadlines.

Your document is confidential, and the work I do for you is confidential. Your work is important to me, and I take it seriously.

I believe you will find that the time and money you spend with me will be highly beneficial.